The Raven And The Overwhelming Power And Sadness Of The Death Of A Loved One

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Critical Analysis This critical analysis essay is about Poet Edgar Allen Poe’s poem “The Raven” and the overwhelming power and sadness of the death of a loved one. There is such sorrow and even anticipation that the poem invokes in the reader. The poem can be quite dreary and full of gloom, but the author also makes it sound eerie but somehow beautiful and lyrical especially when reciting it orally. Poe was a remarkable writer and known as being a bit peculiar in person and in his writings. Poe uses the 18 stanzas of the poem to establish dark, morose and dreary feelings but then enhancing this by his using Christian symbolism of death and the hereafter. Edgar Allan Poe was born on the 19th day of January 1809 in Boston, Massachusetts.…show more content…
During these years, he established himself as a worthy poet, writer, critic and editor. He worked tirelessly as an editor and reviewer and at the same time composed his poetry, essays, and fiction. In 1841, before anyone knew what a detective was, Poe wrote and had published the first detective story. As the father of detective genre, Poe is recognized and renowned for this reason. In 1842, Poe’s wife Virginia contracted tuberculosis, the same disease that had taken away Poe’s mother, foster mother and his brother. Poe’s poem, “The Raven,” published in January 1845 when he was 36 years old ("Poe 's Life Edgar Allen Poe Museum"). This consequently brought him considerable recognition. When “The Raven” published, it made Poe a well-known household name and famous enough to draw crowds to his lectures. The poem contains eighteen stanzas, when Poe wrote “The Raven” his life had many stages. He had struggled to have his poems published, he had lived in poverty, suffered poor health, his beloved wife was gravely ill and he had lost many in his life that meant a lot to him. The poem gives the mood of doom, sadness, and melancholy. Poe shows in the poem the pessimism he feels about his own life, the lost loved ones, his wife’s illness. It is a reflection of his own history, past and present. He feels a foreboding every time he hears the raven speak and consistently repeats “Nevermore.” He uses his own moods and intensifying sadness because of lost loves. He feels
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