The Real Estate Investment Trust

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Once known as a real estate investment trust (EIT) DMG became managed by two brothers Steven and Mitchell Rales in 1983. Named “after a favorite fly-fishing locale in Western Montana” , the Rales brothers changed the publicly traded name to Danaher. Steven and Mitchell Rales originally from Bethesda, Maryland used their own finances and borrowed millions to get Danaher afloat. The Rales brothers were not new to such ventures. They previously invested in several businesses including, Master Shield Inc., Equity Group Holdings, and Mohawk Rubber Company of Hudson, Ohio. Within two years of Danaher’s launch, Steven and Mitchell Rales purchased twelve more companies. Danaher’s Corporation went from not having a profit posted since 1975 to being listed as a Fortune 500 company three years after its establishment. In February 1990, Danaher Corporation designated George M. Sherman as the new president and chief executive officer. Coming from Black & Decker Corporation, Sherman was an enthusiastic and passionate CEO. Sherman “hoped to add strategic planning with a market-driven emphasis to enhance the admirable position of Danaher’s companies, [just as well as] reposition the portfolio towards more attractive, and less cyclical businesses” . Danaher’s portfolio is composed of five strategic business segments: Dental, Life Sciences & Diagnostics, Environmental, Test & Measurement, and Industrial Technologies. These five platforms represents over 80% of Danaher’s total
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