The Real General George Patton Essay

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The Real General George Patton World War II was the most destructive war in history. It began in 1939 as a European conflict between Germany and a British and French alliance, but eventually included most of the nations of the world. Most of the war was fought with the same types of weapons used in World War I. The greatest advances were in aircraft and tanks. Patton was the first soldier in the tank corps. He created the training procedures, the regulations and the methods of instruction. At that time the American public saw Patton as an arrogant man who enraged Americans because he slapped a soldier who was hospitalized for post traumatic stress disorder, which at that time was called combat fatigue. The movie portrays…show more content…
However, in reality, at this point in time, he was still a lieutenant general and the decorations were awarded to him after the war. Patton is shown in Morocco, where in 1941 he was the commander of the 2nd Armored Division. He was assigned to seize Cassablanca, which he did. He went to the headquarters of Admiral Michelier with pearl handled pistols and a tommy gun and impressed the Sultan of Morocco. One of the beginning scenes inthe movie shows Patton being presented with the order of Ouissan Alaouite. The citation actually says the memorable line in the movie, "The lions in their dens tremble at his approach." The changes in North Africa began on August 31, 1942, when Rommel attacked through the southern flank of the British line west of El-'Alamein. General Bernard Law Montgomery fought with Patton, and forced Rommel into a retreat. Throughout the movie, Rommel and Patton are seen as major adversaries. Three American, three British, and one Canadian divisions landed on Sicily on July 10, 1943. One of these divisions was General Patton's army. They pushed across the island and overcame the last Axis opposition on August 17. The movie does not mention, however, that Mussolini had been stripped of power on July 25, and the Italian government had entered into negotiations that ended in an armistice on September 8. The movie does deal with the famous slapping incident. The movie does not mention
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