The Real History in Ralph Ellison´s Invisible Man Essay

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For our last assignment in English 253, the major essay, we were assigned to analyze some of the concepts and concerns involved in a novel from the past semester. Our task at hand was to select from a topic and develop a more in-depth understanding of the chosen novel, and exactly how the literature involved in the novel is significant. I decided to choose the first option available in order to complete this essay. Since we’re supposed to investigate the accuracy of the represented ways in the chosen novel, I decided to write about the novel Invisible Man. I chose the novel Invisible Man because it is literally perfect for this assignment. I am fully appreciative of the fact that it is extremely hard for any author to publish a novel …show more content…

Many people often thought that the Communist Party was a glorious solution to the crisis and various problems that existed in society. However, that eventually turned out to not be the case, and the complete opposite ended up happening instead. In fact, the Communist Party failed and was unsuccessful because of individual leaders wanting to emerge. African American Ralph Ellison was one of the very few African American people in support of the Communist Party in the beginning. He was even quietly involved with the communist publications, until he quickly understood that he too wouldn’t be able to further express his personal creativity. At first, he did not realize that the Communist Party did not care about him as an individual, and was totally blind to the fact that all the party wanted was political gains. Ellison’s own personal dilemma was very similar to the narrator’s in the novel. He rebelled from the restrictions of the Communist Party because they would not allow his individuality as a writer and as a person. I believe that this directly correlates and highly portrays the character of the narrator throughout the novel Invisible Man. Just like Ellison’s conflict, the narrator finds himself in the same pinch throughout many episodes in the text of the novel, and is also unable to create his own personal identity. Just like the Communist Party versus Ralph Ellison’s life, the Brotherhood in Invisible Man

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