The Reality Of Abstinence Versus Sex Education

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Clarissa Jane Fender
Mrs. Presley
English 11
10 April 2017
The Reality of Abstinence Versus Sex Education
Do you ever stop to wonder what goes through a teen’s mind? Maybe it 's the late paper that wasn 't turned in for English or the worry of coming home after school to family members being high as a kite, maybe it 's the plans for their significant other later on or the so called special night they have planned together. Whether it be one of the topics mentioned or some far off random thought either way sex will be on a teen’s mind at some point now, some point soon, or some point in the future. Sex is a part of everyday life and it can not go unthought about and although abstinence would be one 's best bet for preventing stds and teen …show more content…

They would rather just tell them to abstain from sexual activity and refuse to get them to acknowledge the methods of sexual pleasure. Politicians have different opinions than of parents and teachers however, which has resulted in cutting of federal funding for sex education in schools (Dailard, Cynthia). Parents and teachers believe they should have more say seeing how they spend every day with the children. Most politicians are older males who don’t relate well to young people at all. The average age of people in the Senate is sixty-three and the average age of someone in the House of Representatives is fifty-seven. This is the oldest Congress to take office in 2009 (Palmer, Brian). Why do we expect older men to make these decisions about our children when we are the people who see what goes on in their lives everyday? Abstinence is not necessarily valuable for teens to acknowledge because “There is no evidence that an abstinence-only curriculum maintains abstinence any longer than the regular sex education curriculum taught in most schools. Morality needs to incorporate reality, and the reality is that young people are sexually active.” ("Do abstinence-only sex education programs work?" ). “Another method is 100 percent effective—not to mention, popular, enjoyable, and free. It 's non-intercourse lovemaking, genital massage, and oral sex. But even the most liberal programs never mention it. To do so would acknowledge sexual

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