The Reality Of Reality Television Essay

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Reality television has turned into a noteworthy piece of our way of life. The shows are described to be fun, engaging and acquaint society with new points of view. In the wake of a monotonous day at work, it 's decent to return home and watch something careless on television, while unwinding. While the debate that violence in the media is making for a brutal culture has been made a million times, sometime recently, I am striving to make an alternate relationship. As we are aware, the larger part of reality television contains some sort of harsh circumstance, whether verbal, emotional, physical, money related, or potentially sexual. Despite the fact that the predominance of this violence is tricky all by itself, the way that these shows are taped or situated in local circumstances is particularly concerning. Police activity being filmed for reality television is a prime example of a particularly concerning reality television. These particular television shows includes but are not limited to The First 48, COPS, Police Women of Memphis, etc. These particular shows display events that can be labeled as brutal, violent and intense. Majority of the population, are in agreeance that, that level of law enforcement tactics and incidents should not be displayed or available to the general public. According to Dowler (2002), public knowledge of crime and justice is largely derived from the media. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the dangers involved in filming

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