The Reality Of Television Entertainment

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Reality T.V. is defined as a genre of television entertainment that portrays real-life situations that serves to entertain rather than inform. One of the first reality T.V. shows to air was the Dutch, series Nummer 28, in which 7 students were put together in one house and their everyday interactions between each other were documented. A few years later, shows such as Survivor and Big Brother swept the nation and the radical new idea of Reality T.V. became the next big thing. During its infancy, Reality T.V. served only 2 purposes; to entertain and make money. As the years went by and popularity for the genre grew, television stations saw the opportunity to make an exponentially larger amount of money. In order to do this, they had to …show more content…

Despite all of the publicity that the controversy sparked, the viewership didn’t reach their expectations. However, at the end of the first episode they showed a preview of the next upcoming episode in which one member of the cast was punched in the face while drinking at one of the bar’s. This caused even more controversy, which in turn, increased the viewership of the next episode by almost 50%. This comes to show that people become exponentially more engaged in a show when there is more fighting and just drama in general. This then poses the question of whether or not we as a society actually approve of this behavior and maybe even consider it an everyday reality.
America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) also falls under the category of extremely controversial shows that yet still seem to be equally as popular. The show follows the same general format of the hit series American Idol and Americas got talent. Many women who seek to become models compete on this show in order to claim the title of “Americas Next Top Model” and jumpstart their careers in the modeling industry. The contestants live together under the same roof similar to shows like Jersey Shore and The Real World. The house has almost no doors so that cameras can capture almost every moment of the lives of the contestants. Each episode, the contestants would go through a photo shoot, and some sort of challenge. At the end of the week the models would be

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