The Reason, Range, And Nature Of The Disorder Essay

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For this assignment, I will define the reason, range, and nature of the disorder, such as the number of individuals identified and being treated, the demographics, and other issues of interest. I will also elaborate on how the selected disorder is detected as well as how the selected disorder is treated. Furthermore, I will separate the analysis of this disorder from those of the other disorders within the same analytical category. In addition, I will provide a statement on culturally bound syndromes, cultural biases, or the interaction between assessment and diagnosis and culture. Lastly, I will provide my completed professional interview as well as interview data pertinently and essentially combined into the body of this paper. Voyeuristic disorder is fulfillment of erotic stimulation, for over a period of six months, by watching individuals who are nude, undressing, or participating in sexual activity. Voyeuristic disorder includes going forth with voyeuristic urges or illusions without permission of the individual or feeling substantial pain or purposeful damage because of such desires and compulsions (Brown, 2015). The cause of this disorder seems to be subject to the person and not on any one common characteristic factor. Biological theories hold that testosterone, the hormone that influences the sexual drive in both men and women, increases the susceptibility of males to develop deviant sexual behaviors. However, the learning theory has revealed that emotional abuse
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