The Reasoning Behind The Population Essay

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The reasoning behind the population is that researching the entire United States is a huge feat and one that is not necessarily needed. Having an exploratory study for just Midwestern states is a good starting point, but is also broad enough to be generalizable. For the sample of State Patrol K9 Units, this is probably one of the best ways to study broader K9 unit forces. Some states have specific regulations for what dogs can be on their force, so only one state being studied would be ineffective. Having only the state patrol lessens the bias and we are more able to compare it to other similar state structures. Having a larger sample size ensures accuracy and will allow us to have more states involved since some states have more units than others, so the states with less will have a better chance of being represented. Systematic Sampling is the best method since this population is fairly accessible and extremely publicized, non-probability sampling is not needed. Randomization will ensure that the dogs and departments are not chosen based on bias. Lists are easily obtained and police dogs tend to be showcased so information gathering should not be an issue. Participants would be recruited via email and phone for surveys. Also, department heads would be contacted in order to reach the officers/handlers. A potential problem consists of getting participants to find time in their schedule. Police work is 24/7 so these people would need to take time out of their schedule to help

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