The Red Badge Of Courage Essay

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Henry Fleming’s character changed several times throughout The Red Badge of Courage. These changes showed how Henry became a man and how he gained the confidence and courage required to be a soldier. In Chapter 1, Henry is completely engaged in his own thoughts. He daydreams about his farm, his home, and the conversation he had with his mother. This shows that, at the beginning of the novel, Henry is excited and has unrealistic ideas of glory. He is a dreamer. He doesn’t think of death, especially not the possibility of his own death. In Chapter 2, Henry starts to connect with the other soldiers in his regiment. He listens to the soldiers talking the enemy and the coming battle. As he listens to these stories, Henry doesn’t know if they are all true and because he doesn’t know if they are true and whether or not to believe them, he starts to become afraid. He keeps his feelings to himself, separating himself from the others. In Chapters 3 and 4, Henry’s fears and doubts are increased by rumors from soldiers. At this point in the novel, he has seen battles but has not been part of one yet. Henry’s fear of not knowing what will happen grows because he has not seen the enemy. His fear of the unknown is greater than the idea of having to face the problem head-on.
The first major character change that Henry made was in chapter 5. It is the first day of the first battle for Henry and the other soldiers. As he forgets his doubt and fears about how he performs, he stands tall and

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