The Red Scare of McCarthyism

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Red Scare: McCarthyism “No one man can terrorize a whole nation unless we are all his accomplices.” -Edward R. Murrow ( The Red Scare, also known as, McCarthyism started in the early 1950’s. It got the name McCarthyism from Senator Joseph Raymond McCarthy. McCarthy started The Red Scare. It was very similar to a witch hunt but, it wasn’t witches they were hunting for. They were searching for communist. The Red Scare was a horrible and cruel period during the early 1900’s. During the Cold War communist began to emerge. Communist are people who follow or believe in communism. They were such a small group that no one paid much attention to them until after World War 2. When WW II ended communist started causing problems. They already took power in other countries and Americans began to fear they would do the same to the U.S. They wondered if Soviet Spies were in America secretly advertising communism. U.S. citizens even questioned if communist were involved in U.S. government jobs or in schools miseducating students and children. To help calm down these fears Joseph Raymond McCarthy started McCarthyism. ( McCarthyism was the going away or getting rid of communist in the U.S. McCarthy began to gain followers who also wanted to get rid of these undercover people. (World Book 332-333) The Government searched federal employees and asked questions like the type of books and magazines they read, organizations they were part of, and if they
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