The Red Wheelbarrow

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The poem I chose was “The Red Wheelbarrow”, by William Williams. This I a very short poem, and still delivers great imagery and description. There is the speaker who is the only one speaking and is speaking towards a red wheelbarrow and chickens. In line one the word depends appears and from then I saw how it is speaking in regards of something important. Also when I looked back I noticed it was an essential because Williams said so much”, both words make the reader see how it was just not important but also must have had a significance if a lot depended on it. Later in the poem he mentions it’s a red wheel barrow that is very important. This is when I saw the image. Red Wheelbarrow”, it is describing as the color red which stands out. He followed …show more content…

The description and image painted in my head was why I got attracted to the poem and different interpretations that there is. “The Red Wheelbarrow” drives to bring out imagery and description with words such as: red, glazed, rain, white, and wheelbarrow. The image of the wheelbarrow and the chickens really stood out because of how bright they were. It was not a dull wheelbarrow instead a very vibrant one. The chickens also were not just typically chickens they were white and just the word shows how bright and alive they are. Before having the picture of the objects used in the poem I noticed how the speaker was trying to make the reader get the sense of urgency and duty. When he says “so much”, I imaged it was going to be something really important. Then depends made me think it was going to be an essential. An essential is something you must have or need. From just those two lines we see what kind of message the poem is sending. It is serious. After that I see he is talking about a red wheel barrow and was surprised from how an object could have a huge significance. The red wheelbarrow could have been used to carry many things itself and is typically strong, and doesn’t break easily. The wheelbarrow could also be a symbol for any object that is very useful to anyone. It relates with me because I interpreted it in as anything I have that is just an object but has a very important. The chickens make an appearance

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