The Reformation Of The Nineteenth Century

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The sixteenth century is a period that will be highly remembered by many. The Catholic Church was coming under heavy fire for its need to reform. And the Reformation acted as a catalyst for change, bringing an unforeseen end to the influence of the Roman Catholic Church. Stemming from the Renaissance with the growth of individualism and the scholarly search of what constituted to the original Christianity place the church under heavy scrutiny. The sixteenth century gave rise to a medieval church in crisis; many reformers dismissed the claims of the pope as a supreme being over kings had spiritual authority over Western Christendom. Most theologians argued about the growing greed of the church and the lack of educated and spiritual clergy men. The reformation which is undeniably the dramatic event of the sixteenth century started in Germany and swiftly spread throughout Europe. The reformation began as a result the delinquency of the church to mend its ways. As a result of the growing problems in the Church there was starting to be a new outlook of what the desired Church of God should model. The reformation began because of one’s man bold and cunning way to fix the problems of the church. Upon his own introspection he was growing dissatisfied with the actions of the church and had aimed to allow the church to see the problems they were having. Martin Luther, a German Augustinian monk, penned the Ninety- Five theses. The Ninety- Five theses explicitly expressed his

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