The Regulation Of Corporate Governance

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According to authority’s statistics, several Australian companies went through the corporate failures in the recent decades. For example, collapsed of National Australia Bank(NBA), HIH and James Hardie.The main reason of these failures is related to poor corporate governance.And it must have a lot of negative impacts on these companies’ shareholders, officers, employees and so on. In order to avoid the same situation takes up again, the government should enhance the ability of intervening in economic activities and supervision and control. The Corporations and Markets Advisory Committee (abbreviated CAMAC ) which is a separate legal entity as distinct from its members, therefore it is separate at law from its shareholders,directors and promoters etc and as such is conferred with rights and is subject to certain duties and obligations. In this report, I will introduce the regulation of corporate governance in Australia. By analyzing two factual examples of company collapse which due to the failure of corporate governance in depth to explain the impact of lack of regulation on Australian society and corporate culture. Finally, I will come up with some recommendations about the law’s changes.
How corporate governance is currently regulated in Australia?

In the current years, public becomes more and more concerned with the company’s corporate governance. The reason is that it is not enough for a company to just focus on

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