The Relationship Between Energy And Energy Security Risk

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The Relationship between energy independence, in the form of Energy Security Risk points, and Shale Gas Production in the United States.
By Md Akram Hossain
Fracking is a type of drilling technique that has been used commercially for almost 65 years. Hydraulic fracking is also being used to stimulate new production from older wells. The combination of advanced hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling, utilizing state of the art technology, is mostly responsible for todays booming US oil and natural gas production. This paper investigates the relationship between energy independence in the form of Energy Security Risk (ESR) points and Shale gas production in the US. The regression showed that there was a positive relationship between shale gas production and ESR, contrary to theory suggested in the paper.

This research paper aims to find out the relationship between energy independence,
The research question is based upon the widely discussed topic of shale fracking through hydraulic methods. Shale fracking is a complicated process, where hydraulic pipes are inserted deep under the ground and then chemicals are released to crack the rocks in order to obtain natural gas. In this process, harmful chemicals are released, and the ecosystem gets negatively affected from surface spill off of toxic wastes. Although this process is a bit controversial, there are a number of people who actually support this methodology. A major reason for supporting
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