The Relationship Between The Price Elasticity Of Demand

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The Relationship between the price elasticity of demand and total revenue and Impacts of various forms of elasticities on business decisions and strategies to maximize profit. Price elasticity of demand enables business organizations to predict how their total revenue will be effected in the event they change the prices of their products. When a given good has inelastic price elasticity of demand i.e. Ed 1, then the percentage change in the quantity demanded is greater that the change in price. Thus, raising the prices of such commodities results to decline in the total revenue because the business may loss customers to their competitors. Nonetheless, reducing the prices of goods with elastic elasticity of demand increases the total …show more content…

Based on the above description, forms of elasticity will affect business decisions and pricing strategies differently depending on the nature and type of products or services being offered. Business organizations whose product offerings have elastic and perfectly elastic price elasticities of demand should not attempt to raise prices of their products because it will cause the quantity demanded and consequently total revenues to drop drastically. Businesses can there use the price elasticities of demand to determine whether the proposed changes in their prices will raise or reduce their total revenue. The following expression may be useful in helping business organizations to determine the impacts of elasticities on their total revenues based on the suggested price changes. Total Revenue=Price×Quantity When the elasticity of demand is elastic, the change in quantity will be greater that the change in price. Hence, the total revenue will reduce with increasing prices and increase as prices decrease. However, if the business offers goods or services with inelastic price elasticity of demand, then the change in quantity demanded will be smaller than the change in price. Consequently, the total revenue, which is a product of the two will increase when

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