The Relationship Between Wertz 's Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Essay

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I believe that Mr. Wertz has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. In order to be diagnosed with PTSD, a person must have had to have be exposed to an actual or life threatening event. Mr. Wertz, during his first tour witnessed the death of a fellow soldier, who was killed by an enemy soldier. Following that, he killed the enemy soldier. During his second tour, his unit was under daily bombing attacks. Both events were traumatic and stressful, and either one would qualify him as being exposed or almost expose to life threatening event. A person with PTSD will also avoid stimuli associated with the trauma. Mr. Wertz no longer goes to the shooting range, which was an activity that he used to enjoy. Other symptoms of PTSD include hyper arousal symptom and intrusive symptom. To be diagnosed with PTSD a person must have symptom for more than a month. Mr. Wertz has hyper arousal symptoms. He jumped went the fryer made a loud cracking sound and took cover, believing it was enemy gunfire, and he always feels on edge. He has intrusive symptoms. He has been having recurring nightmare about his time on tour two to 3 time a month, with one recurring nightmare involving him and his unit taking on enemy gun fire. Lastly, his dreams have been occurring for 2 months. It is state that his dreams have been occurring over the last to month, however it does not say how long loud noise have been affecting him or how long he has been avoiding negative stimuli like the shooting range. This makes me
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