The Removal Of The Dadt Policy

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As the removal of the DADT policy has made the LGBT community happy, has this decision made America’s military stronger? Studies suggest that the removal of the policy has not made the military stronger. A select number of generals believe that the openness of the recruitment will boost numbers in recruitment and the morale of all soldiers will improve, but the repeal of this act was acted upon during a time of war. Instead of finding ways to aid the troops in combat, Congress was discussing if they should keep or repeal an act involving homosexual rights. Many military leaders believe that the repeal was pointless during the time of war and that the results did not benefit the armed forces. After the repeal, the leaders of the armed forces didn’t know how the troops would react. Some soldiers were against serving with homosexuals because it was against their moral beliefs. Other soldiers didn’t see any problem with serving with homosexuals. Some soldiers didn’t really care about the sexuality of their fellow servicemen and women. Many other countries included soldiers that were gay. There are sources that stated that Hitler’s SS guard included many gay Germans. Many countries don’t discriminate against gay people. Some people believe that having gay soldiers would create a stronger connection between the soldiers because they would fight harder to keep each other safe. Several different armies have benefitted from using gay soldiers because the soldiers have a stronger

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