The Renaissance And Its Impact On The European Renaissance

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With the dark ages coming to end and the economy of Europe slowly beginning to rise again, a giant scale cultural revolution like never before was slowly beginning to sweep over Europe. Becoming what we now know as the European Renaissance, every aspect of European life changed because of this revolution. The Renaissance began a renewed interest in the people to seek knowledge and question what the world around them meant. The Renaissance wasn’t just about learning however, it included exploring the world, art, and focusing on what the human being had to offer in society. This focus on the human being on an individual level became what is commonly known as Humanism. Humanism can be seen as the central essence of the Renaissance because it questioned everything society, be it religion or the government, had to offer. The Renaissance can actually be divided into two different sections in Europe, the Italian and latter Northern parts. The Northern Renaissance includes all the countries in Western Europe directly not tied to Italy. Beginning in Italian city states, the central ideas of the Renaissance had a rippling effect throughout Europe. The European Renaissance was a giant shift in cultural and technological paradigms that paved the way for Europe to leave the middle ages and enter the Modern Age. To begin with, what exactly spurred this newfound interest in knowledge and the arts? The origins of the Renaissance can actually date back to the crusades of the medieval ages.

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