The Responsibilities And Actions Of Man In A Society Has

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The responsibilities and actions of man in a society has long been debated. Though, often it is agreed that a man ought to be virtuous in society to better play his role in making that society operate smoothly. So, if a man ought to be virtuous, what should these virtues be? The perception of virtues has changed numerous times throughout different societies to suit their religious or honorable mindset. For example, the roman ideals of virtue wouldn’t necessarily correspond with the Christian ideals, and Christian ideals are still even different from say Buddhist and Islamic ideals. Through these, however, we begin to see a common ground that was gradually established by philosophers which shares many of the same ideas. These ideas were…show more content…
The Roman Republic at his time was in chaos politically. The people were cruel, and anything politically could spell out death for yourself if you opposed the wrong person. Such was the case for Cicero himself who was beheaded for writing propaganda against a man by the name of Antony. This time of cruelty and disorder was beneficial to those of us living in today’s world, for it gave him a view into the darker side of society that would allow him to write his works for the better of mankind. Examples of what his insight would do can be seen in his ideas of law and virtues which are better written as Cicero’s notions of Natural law, Justice, and Liberty/Freedom, as well as, his, “Four Sources of Right”. These two specific things would be associated in today’s culture indirectly by inspiring other famous philosophers throughout European and American history. In such cases his notions are seen being used by early American leaders such as Benjamin Franklin who will be discussed later in this article. To understand these concepts, and perhaps apply them to any other known historical figure, I will describe them as cicero describes them himself. The first of these are Natural Law. Natural law is the manner in which all things, godly or manmade, operate. It is unchanging, and unchangeable. This separation is the split between good and evil, it is what draws man from evil and leads him toward good. Cicero explains in the commonwealth that this needs
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