The Responsibilities of Fatherhood Essay

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Economic and social statistical data rarely differentiate men who are not fathers from those who are fathers. Again, very little information concerning fatherhood and what fathers want is available to people. Written literature on fatherhood and written accounts about fatherhood from men who are fathers are also relatively rare. There is certainty that the environment around fatherhood has increasingly changed when it comes to domestic domain, employment and breadwinning, the structure of the family and employment (FNF 2011). The quality of families, mainly between fathers and sons, fathers and daughters is nurtured by quality of fatherhood. Children especially the ones at the teenage level require firm leadership from their fathers now…show more content…
The link between parental responsibilities to the biological father where once children legitimacy depended on the legal base of the child-father relationship is demonstrated in the Children Act 1989 and Family law Act 1987 reforms. Though fathers who are not married have the right to parental responsibility and the legal status of their fatherhood, their rights as parents are not equal to those of those who are married and the few obtained rights, are not acquired automatically (FNF 2011). A concrete policy guiding fatherhood is therefore needed to address issues concerning what fatherhood means and the policies needed in supporting fatherhood. It should also explain and dictate the one to provide the support. Fatherhood has emerged to be an important issue where work and family have to be well addressed. It has come to a conclusion that fathers rarely represent themselves in the social policy making debates hence they rarely voice their interests in fatherhood. Silence is not wise in this case and communication is very important if fatherhood is important to them. There has been increased attention to the call for a closer child-father relationship due to family changes where it has been found that many fathers are living away from their children and others live with the stepchildren. It has also been proven that there are negative consequences and
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