The Revolution Of The 19th Century

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As the United States entered the 19th century, a new era of development and evolution in its economy, population, and technology was ushered into American society. America 's economic and industrial power grew as a result of the industrial revolution of the 1800 's. At this time, organizations known as "political machines" saw an opportunity and capitalized on the fears and desires of individuals who wanted to achieve the American dream but could not necessarily find the means to achieve those goals.These political machines took control over urban areas because they promised wealth and prosperity to those who were looking for it. For impoverished immigrants that were searching for any means to survive, these incentives created a false sense of hope for those who believed that political machines truly had their best interest at heart. Essentially, political machines were just another chance for someone to make money off of another person by taking advantage of their unfortunate circumstances and voting rights in order to control the politics of their cities.
America was growing rapidly, but this came at a great cost. The late 19th century was coined by Mark Twain as the "Gilded Age" because everything in the United States seemed to be flourishing, the industrial age had created an illusion of prosperity due to underlying issues such as: poverty, crime, corruption, and over-crowding due to a large influx of immigrants from Europe. At this time, there was no possible way for

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