The Revolutionary War Of Independence

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The American Revolution which began as a War of Independence for American quickly transformed into a civil battle between the American patriots and loyalists joined by Indian forces. This war of independence, irrefutably, had a great effect on the citizens of America in varying degrees. The revolution, of course, gave a free rein to unforeseen political revolutions which often spark social revolutions. However, the American Revolution has foreseen the beginning of an abolitionist movement for African American slaves, broaden the social roles of women, and diversified religious life in American society. The Revolutionary War notably changed the framework of the government and secured independence, but it also affected those that aren’t mentioned in the Declaration of Independence, African American slaves and women, and impacted the principle of the separation of the church and state. America’s war of independence was undeniably a war of social change which overall redefined rights of American citizens. The Revolutionary War was an engine of change. The Revolutionary War offered enslaved blacks fluctuating degrees of opportunities for freedom. America’s war of independence greatly impacted the lives of African American slaves. “The world’s first Antislavery society was founded in 1775 by the Quakers of Philadelphia, the year the Revolution began” ( Pennsylvania quickly became America’s most diverse colony which included African Americans, Indians, and Dutch and
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