The Rich People's School

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Lauri Kubuitsile Botswana’s short story “The Rich People’s School” is a tail of a young girl named Sylvia whose mother leaves her with her Gran to go live with a man in America. Sylvia’s mother makes the American man pay for Sylvia to go to the rich school on the hill. However, it is not fairytale ending for Sylvia. Sylvia is bullied so bad by the students at the school that she runs away and does not tell her Gran. In the end of the story Gran founds out and tells Sylvia she does not have to go back to the rich school and they would save the money to bring Sylvia’s mother back. Marxist views can give the story a completely different story line. The story about a little girl wanting her mother back turns into one of the elite dominating over the lower class. Botswana’s “The Rich People’s School” gives a stance on the elite using manipulation, sign value, and false consciousness to keep the lower class or proletariat under their control.
“The Rich People School” supports the value of elitism. The elite, bourgeois, dominate over the lower class, proletarian. To keep the elite dominance they use different forms of manipulation. Take for instance the American man, he tells Sylvia’s mother that her living conditions are not adequate for him and if she loved him she would go with him to America (Botswana). The American man is using the love that Sylvia’s mother have, maybe not so much for him, but for a better life for her family and her. The American man also uses harsh
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