The Right to Die

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Analysis The right to die has been brought to the media and public spotlight through the cases of Karen Ann Quinlan, Cruzan v. Missouri, and Vacco v. Quill. This issue has been the topic of heated debate for years in the religious, scientific, and political community. This is because this topic ties into many communities and effects a large amount of people. These cases brought the right to die debate to the religious community. The reason for this is from the use of life support which many believe should not be used at all because people should die naturally as they believe god intended. This belief also ties into the matter of physician assisted suicide brought up in the Vacco v. Quill case, one should not be given a lethal dose of drugs and should die naturally. The publics opinion on the right to die has a drastic range, due to the fact this matter spans all groups of people. A popular opinion from the public is that the government has no right to decide whether someone can or cannot end their lives, pertaining to the case of Vacco v. Quill and euthanasia. This statement is a very true one, why should the government be involved in the death of a free person? This may be the case for euthanasia, but there is another factor in the right to die debate. That other factor is removing one from life support. This issue is brought up in both the case of Karen Ann Quinlan and in the case of Cruzan v. Missouri. It is illegal to remove a patient from life support without

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