The Rights Of A Human Right

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When arguing something to be considered a basic human right, one often looks at all the reasons why it should become one. In some cases however, it can be argued that the refusal of something as a human right is actually a violation of already existing human rights. This is the case when discussing PAS/D in reference to becoming a human right. People understand that they have a right to life, liberty and personal security, but nowhere does the charter state people have a right to their own death – not explicitly at the very least. “The Right to Death” in such working is not necessary for a person to be able to find ways in which their human rights already give them the right and fight for their right for them to have control over their own…show more content…
There was a case in 2008 to which this was brought up in court: “In October 2007, in another challenge to laws preventing assisted suicide, two terminally ill patients, four doctors and a patients’ rights organization in Montana brought a lawsuit before the District Court claiming the ‘right to die with dignity.’ They alleged that the ‘application of Montana homicide statutes to physicians who provide aid in dying to mentally competent, terminally ill patients’ contravened Article 2 of the state constitution, which protects the right to privacy and human dignity.” (Baxter v. Montana, 2009) The possibility of a physician who wishes to administer PAS/D to a patient who wishes to die run the risk of jail time – according to this ruling – is not just under the law and violates people’s constitutional rights. The right to privacy – the right to ones own autonomy, including the ability to die in a medical setting by ones own choosing without government interference is an issue that – as presented – is deeply rooted in patients desire to feel as though they are in control of their own lives. Without such consideration of the government being involved in the medical privacy of patients, there is a precedent set that the government can infringe on anyone’s rights so long as there are conditions that were relevant in the past

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