The Rise And Rise Of Religion During The Axial Age Essay

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The Axial Age (for purposes of this paper, and in our reading) span from 800 BC until 600 AD, and saw the rise and fall of empires, the invention of coinage and markets, and the birth of countless philosophical and religious schools of thought. From studying this innovative and tumultuous time period, one may come to several conclusions on how material gain and spiritual thought may be closely linked. Here, the pursuit of ‘profit’ became the pursuit of ‘social good’; the lines between civic and marketable gain became blurred, forever changing the attitudes of peasants and the rich alike. The Axial Age was a crucial period in our history in which leaders learned how best to manipulate their populace, philosophical thought took root in the rational ratios of the cosmos, and market economy became not only a medium in which to acquire that which one needs to survive, but the bedrock upon which our society is built. I plan to support the idea that coinage and the rise of religion during the Axial Age is supported by explaining the following concepts from our reading: that the calculation of debts, market economics, and a fundamentally different system of trading allowed a space for new philosophical thought to emerge, that the pursuit of profit became synonymous with the pursuit of personal betterment, that governments realized it was crucial to suppress the total economic gains of its citizens, and that religion was in part founded to placate the poor, listless masses. Let us

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