The Rise Of Imperialism: The Era Of The Age Of Exploration

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In the early 15th century, the era of the Age of Exploration begun. Notable explorers such as Christopher Columbus and Vasco da Gama set their voyages to seek new sea routes with the prospect of expanding their countries’ economic advances but their progressions in foreign territories led to the rise of imperialism. Domestic weakening of power due to internal conflicts and given the advancement of technology gave the Europeans the superiority to colonize and established their own Empire. Given their powerful complex and the competition for wealth led the inevitable fall of the Asia. Some may argue that colonization can be avoided as these foreign private companies were primarily focusing on trade profits, not have the intention to conquer. …show more content…

The Dutch India East Company was formed in 1602 and they established many ports and forts in Southeast Asia and their central operation was at Batavia. On the other hand, in 1600, the East India Company was formed and their specialization was on spice trade in India. The agenda of the foreign companies was the ability to trade and established themselves as a monopoly over the local traders. Thus, these profit-driven companies were more willing to engage in peaceful trading as opposed to conquest. As such, some people may argue that this agenda was not the fire to the start colonization as there were agreements and treaties between the local rulers and the companies to give them the rights to do trading. However, these companies were given the autonomy to territorial expansion and the privilege to exercise power and control over these territories in foreign lands. In 1757, the EIC began to take control the vast land of India and subsequently, the British government took over India in 1858. This proved that the greed for profits slowly encroached India and the British saw the opportunities to gain greater economic benefits for their own well-being and led to the conquering of India. As such, the ignition for imperialism was fuelled by economic greed as even though the primary goal for the foreign traders was profit but it slowly grew into

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