The Rise Of The Military Industrial Complex Of Germany From 1933

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The rise of the military-industrial complex of Germany from 1933 until its demise in April 1945 was built on manipulation and greed. The Nazis manipulated the great industrial combines of Germany to the profits to be gained in the pending rearmament program. Hitler and his inner sanctum created the ultimate crony capitalistic state; emphasizing greed for power and fortune. Hitler present himself and the party as the final barrier against Russian Bolshevism. Hitler’s adept manipulation of these industrial giants allowed him to throw the world into a maelstrom of killing. While those same individuals sought to control him; Hitler controlled them under the guise of a final victory. Whatever else it was; Hitler 's short-lived regime was also a colossal industrial process by which the wealth and productive power of much of Europe were wrenched from its normal purposes and converted to a machine for killing. While World War II presents itself in part as a validation of various theories on air power and the role of armor; it more importantly reaffirmed the concept of the nationalizing an entire nation’s industrial output for conducting war. The World War II was one of industrial throughput (raw materials, labor, design, infrastructure and delivery to the battlefield) of two industrial powers; the Allies and Germany. Unfortunately, each of these topics could constitute a Master’s thesis in itself. I will limit my discourse in select events that I found to impact Germany

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