The Rise and Subsequent Fall of the Third Reich Essay

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The Rise and Subsequent Fall of the Third Reich Living in the crumbled remains of Germany, or the Weimar Republic, in the 1920’s was a dismal existence. Hyperinflation was rampant and the national debt skyrocketed as a result of the punishing features of the Treaty of Versailles. During the depression, however, a mysterious Austrian emerged from the depths of the German penal system and gave the desperate German people a glimpse of hope in very dark times. He called for a return to “Fatherland” principles where greater Germany was seen as the center of their universe with zealous pride. Under Hitler’s leadership, Nazi Germany rapidly grew and expanded, continually approaching the goal of world domination and the “Thousand-Year…show more content…
Young Adolf eventually became so irritated that he packed up his things and moved to Vienna, a vibrant city full of opportunity. While in Vienna, Hitler was exposed to all that large, cosmopolitan cities have to offer, particularly a wide array of political views. Growing up, Hitler was never truly exposed to anti-Semitism, power lust, and tremendous pride for his “people.” Yet in only a matter of months in Vienna, he was exposed to this and much more. He first read of anti-Semitic sentiments in pamphlets and newsletters but soon after was able to conjure his own sentiments about the “inferior” races. At the outbreak of World War I, Adolf Hitler felt it was his duty to fight for his “Fatherland” even though he grew up and currently lived in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. He believed that Austria had always been a part of Germany because both peoples shared a common language, culture, and blood. He requested to join the Sixth Bavarian division where he fought bravely for the German Empire. After a British gas attack in 1918, he remained in the hospital as political unrest began to divide Germany. Like the October Revolution in Russia, Germany was experiencing its own small communist revolution following World War I. Upon returning to his regiment in Munich only months later the Munich “Soviet Republic” was already beginning to unravel. As a
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