The Rise of Discrimination Essay

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Discriminating is one of the most gruesome acts one can perform. Elie Wiesel agrees with this as he once said “Indifference, to me, is the epitome of evil” (Brainy Quotes). Wiesel being a survivor of arguably the worst genocide in history, knows first hand what its like to be discriminated against, and so do the victims of the Armenian genocide. The Armenian genocide brought pain and suffering to a group of people for the same reason it did to Elie Wiesel and the Jews; Discrimination. The Armenians are a group of people that originated from tribes in the Armenian highlands around 10,00 B.C (1). In the 4th century they developed into a separate culture related to their religion which was christianity (1). Later on he Armenian civilization…show more content…
Small killings/punishments of the Armenians occurred, but nothing close to what was to come. The Ottoman Empire, which was controlled by the Turks was starting to fall apart (4). Many of the ethnic groups were declaring their freedom from the Empire because the Turks wanted control over them, and wanted to expand their religion. The countries that were declaring freedom for themselves were predominantly Christian and Muslim (4). The Turks on the other hand were basically the opposite in being Islamic. In order to regain this dominance of their religion the Turks needed to reside in a place where that religion was welcomed (4). Asia would be a prime location. Asia was home to many Islamic groups, and they saw it fit the requirements (4). This was a big decision that had to be made by the group. Knowingly or not, the Turks were about to start a genocide. The decision was left to be made by committee called the Committee of Union and Progress (CUP) (3). The CUP was run by three prestigious members of the Empire. The first was Mehmet Talaat, the prime minister. He along with two other men ran the empire until the end of WWI (3). Mehmet had significant power when it came to the affairs of the empire. The next member of the CUP was Ismail Enver. Ismail was also had great power within the empire. Enver had earned his power by showing superiority in other wars. He quickly escalated in the ranks to gain the power he had. During the genocide, which
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