The Rising Middle Class In The Canterbury Tales

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Rising Middle Class in the Canterbury Tales
Nobles, Priests, Peasants, and scholars few of many descriptions given to people living in the Middle Ages. The Middle Ages, was a time in European history when people were separated by jobs, religious beliefs, and money. During the Middle Ages a class system began to develop and out of that rose the middle class. Middle class is the social group between the upper and working classes, including professional and business workers and their families In literature many writers have been able to depict economic and social changes through poems, novels, and short stories. Geoffrey Chaucer’s poem, The Canterbury Tales, depicts the rising middle class in the midst of the Middle Ages through the use of characters, their actions, and setting.
Geoffrey Chaucer lived from thirteen-forty-three to fourteen-hundred. He wrote his poems in middle-English, which is called Vernacular. “Geoffrey Chaucer chose to write his poetry in the Vernacular – the everyday language – of his time and place (Coghill 18).” Perhaps one of Chaucer’s most important literary works, “The Canterbury Tales,” sets the stage for a more in depth understanding of the classes of the Middle Ages. Chaucer’s use of middle-English (Vernacular) helped readers to better understand more about the rising middle class being that this was the dialect used by the rising middle class at the time it helps to show how they really thought, felt, and lived. When understanding a culture

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