The River Between Summary Chapters 1-10

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The River Between Chapter 1: - Setting: valley of life separating 2 villages: Kameno and Makuyu - Honia River (important element, a character?) flows through this valley, this river joined the 2 villages - The ridges personify the antagonism between the 2 tribal groups - Kameno had produced 3 great men: Mugo the prophet, Kamiri the witch and Wachiori the warrior - Theme of isolation: cut out from the rest of the world. Chapter 2: - Kinuthia and Kamau, 2 young boys are fighting - Waiyaki (only son of Chege, younger than the 2 others) arrives and stops the fight with a look from his burning eyes. - Chege had only 1 wife, many daughters but only one son. - Chege was a respected man, some considered him as a seer, he warned his…show more content…
Joshua feels ashamed as his own daughter has brought an everlasting disgrace to him and his house. - From that day, Muthoni “ceased to exist for him” Chapter 9: - It is the harvest period. - We learn of the great famine that attacked the whole Gikuyu land. This was the time Chege warned the people of the arrival of the white men and that Joshua and Kabonyi were converted. - Sense of conflict between christain religion and the Gikuyu rites and way of life (circumscision) - Chege feared that his son would fail the prophecy and be contaminated by the new cult. - Chege followed attentively the progresss, growth and behavior of his son. The latter was doing well in Siriana and was to be circumcised this season. - The news had spread all over the hills about Mutnoni’s circumscision and Waiyakim did not understand her decision. He was shocked by the fact she had run away from her father (he would never be able to disobey his father) - Waiyaki could not concentrate on the circumcision rituals anda dances as his mind was still preoccupied with Muthoni’s forbidden act. - Waiyaki talks to Muthoni but cannot understand the reason behind her act. Chapter 10: - Waiyaki feels the effects of the circumcision. - All the initiates sat along the banks of Honia river waiting for the surgeon. - Chege was very proud of his son as he was receiving compliments from everywhere on how
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