The Roaring Twenties : The Economic Causes Of The Great Depression

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The Roaring Twenties is known as an age of parties, jazz, and overspending. After World War I, the optimistic American people reacted by celebrating and overspending. They purchased new appliances such as cars, radios and refrigerators; they purchased luxury items like clothes and invested in stocks. Their new attitude towards the booming American economy was carefree, leading to a series of events. First the stock market crashed. Next, the banks failed. Then, companies laid off employees who were unable to make the payments on the items they purchased. Tariffs and droughts further complicated the situation. This decade became known as the Great Depression, because the economic setbacks impacted everyone and everything. But the question is “Why did Americans lose so much money in such a short period of time?” One answer is, the failing stock market. A second is unregulated banking systems which allowed for buying on margin. Third, the lifestyle following World War I was too materialistic. The Great Depression was caused by Americans failing to responsibly manage their money.
During the late 1920’s, manufacturing caused the stock market to continue to reach new highs. Even the president said, “The great wealth created by our enterprise and and industry, has saved our economy, has the widest distribution among our own people, and has gone out in a steady stream to serve the charity and the business of the world...anticipate the future with optimism.” (Doc B) The

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