The Rocking Horse Winner Analysis

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There are people in this world who think that money can give them anything. This can be food to water to ease and joy. Consequently, they comprehend that money will have a life filled with ease and happiness. But what you don’t visualize is that building these thoughts will lead to an obsessive, joyless, person going the extra mile to get that cash. Why this is unacceptable I might add is where is the ease and the joy you endured obsessively to have? Suffering long hours so you have ease but have no time to rest. Tolerating days of labor to find happiness, but find yourself empty when you have nothing to show yourself for it. D.H. Lawrence demonstrates this perfectly in his short story by including foreshadowing and symbolism, “The Rocking …show more content…

Throughout the story the characters have come to the conclusion that money brings happiness. In this part of the story, it specifies that instead of elation comes misery because no matter how much money there is, there will never be that joy that they have been striving for. After endless times of trying to transform money into joy it is still not working, but it is not stopping them from trying. No matter how much money they receive, they will still strive for more because in their minds that is the only option to find joy but it only leads to a cycle of disappointment.To conclude, D.H. Lawrence, demonstrates that insanity and unhappiness is shown through foreshadowing because their greed for money and their misunderstanding of happiness.
D.H. Lawrence is representing that the greed of wanting money leads to insanity and unhappiness. The text states,”So the child cried, trying to get up and urge the rocking horse that gave him his inspiration.” In this text the symbolism is that the rocking horse represents the possession the rocking horse has acquired over Paul. In the text it says “Paul is urging” this non living object. Therefore, this proves that Paul has lost grasp of his insanity and lost his authority of his greed. If money wasn’t Paul’s only goal, then he wouldn’t feel like he needed permission from an inanimate object to stop. His greed for money

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