The Rocking Horse Winner Literary Analysis

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The greed for wealth and materialistic objects is an intrinsic component of human nature. It plays a crucial role as motivation for one to work to achieve financial success. However, when one singularly focuses on money and ignores all else, their greed becomes detrimental to their state of mind. People whose ambitions revolve solely around becoming wealthy and successful often ignore other aspects of life that are equally important for happiness, including relationships, health, and personal freedom. As a result, those who manage to obtain material success often find that they are not fulfilled by their riches, and seek to become even more wealthy; however, they can never achieve true satisfaction when they are in this cycle of avarice. …show more content…

Preserving the outward illusion is Hester’s desperate attempt at achieving happiness, motivated by the absence of love she has for her family; however, no matter how much she spends and how successful her family appears to be, Hester can never truly achieve fulfillment. Her stress about her family’s financial situation never improves due to her irresponsible spending, and the voices coming from the house—which act as a symbol representing the pressure her family is under to earn money—only become louder and more insistent in nature. The whispers at the beginning transform and become trills and screams of “There must be more money! Oh-h-h; there must be more money”, as more and more pressure is placed upon her and her family to make money (10). It does not matter whether Hester has money or not; her obsession with materialism and appearing wealthy leads to a continuous cycle of spending and receiving money that never allows her to find genuine happiness. In addition to leading herself into an endless cycle of meaninglessness, Hester’s materialistic desires also serve to drive Paul’s obsession with earning money, leading to his desperate mentality and ultimately, his death. From a young age, Hester imposes her materialistic beliefs upon Paul,

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