The Role Of Budgeting Within A Clinic Essay

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Budgeting Within a Clinic Jimi Bryen Southwestern Oklahoma State University Introduction There are many healthcare facilities throughout Oklahoma that provide excellent patient care. Many of these facilities are in areas of greater population, but there are some fantastic facilities that are dedicated to smaller and rural areas of Oklahoma. One specific facility that is located in the heart of Oklahoma offers a clinic that is a combination of talented physician assistants who are overseen by trustworthy doctors. This clinic employs great nurses as well as friendly clerical and administrative staff. Purcell Medical Center is able to assist the patient population we do by being a St. Anthony’s Hospital Affiliate. Thus allowing patients to have access to healthcare specialists locally without the hassle, worry, and expenses of traveling to Oklahoma City. (“St. Anthony Affiliate Health Network,” n.d.) Culture The medical center is an upbeat, safe, friendly, and a healing environment that strives to please and care for the patients while encouraging a wonderful and productive work environment. The idea of a just culture is promoted at Purcell Medical Center. According to the American Nurses Association (ANA) the concept of a just culture “promotes a process where mistakes or errors do not result in automatic punishment, but rather a process to uncover the source of the error. Errors that are not deliberate or malicious result in coaching, counseling,

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