The Role Of Children During The Civil War

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Throughout history many people, places, and ideas have been forgotten, and then there are some that we can never forget. These memories can be different for all societies and cultures. The events that are remembered not only affect those living today, but changes the way future generations live. This type of memory was especially prevalent during the American civil war. It affected the soldiers fighting in the war as well as the children of those who fought. It is vital that we have an awareness about the role of children in the Civil War. The understanding of the children in the civil war is important because it shaped the variety of individuals’ affected, motivated troops to continue fighting, and formed race relationships that would define our country for decades to come. It also helps to show how it is the responsibility of historians to inculcate their audiences to the consequences of past events on all levels to influence decision making on contemporary issues. The American Civil War took many people from a variety of different backgrounds and bring them all together to be affected by the same sets of ideas. This began to shape the children of the Civil War from all walks of life. Children who lived through the war made it a pivotal moment in their memories which caused them to attribute many of the social, and political characteristics to experiences gained during the war. It also affected the children differently depending on where they lived. The northern children

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