The Role Of Culturally Responsive Instruction And Its Effect On Student Achievement Essay

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Research Topic
The focus of this research is to explore the role of culturally responsive instruction and its effect on student achievement. Cultural responsive teaching has been described to some educators as the “pedagogy that empowers students intellectually, socially, and politically” to most students. In this particular setting, teachers are to teach, create curriculum and standards based on a way that is comprehensive to a student’s background. This means teachers are incorporating students’ daily environment and lives into the classroom, such as: language (slang), music, extracurricular activities, and students’ interest. Classroom management along with culturally responsive teaching is a highly effective way of not only increasing student achievement but also student engagement.

Research Problem
There is a problem when comparing the academic achievement of African American students and Caucasian students in the classroom. Although there has been some progress made, statistics still show that on standardized tests there is a significant academic gap, (Williams, 2011).This problem has negatively impacted the progress of African American students when competing for scholarships, receiving Act scores and being successful in life. This problem could possibly be caused by a diversity of culture in the classroom that affects the learning process. Perhaps a study which investigates the cultural response of educators using their pedagogical technique inthe classroom may be

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