The Role Of Death In The Book Thief

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On average, 6,000 people die each hour. In that same hour, approximately 15,000 babies are born. Death is prevalent in this world and it plays a major role in The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. In the book, Death is personified and must collect and carry the souls of the recently deceased. Death’s job is strenuous, though; he is working hard during World War II in Germany. Death’s narration was crucial in The Book Thief because Death is not trying to kill people, he is emotional, and he sees the world from different perspectives allowing him to have deeper knowledge of the characters. The first thing the reader sees in Death’s words is that he is not trying to kill, but that he is just tasked with the collection of souls. According to Death, “Every death has a heart.” The fact that Death can look at a deceased person and see that they have a heart shows that he is burdened with the task of collecting souls. When Death says “My heart is so tired,” he again shows that he is not the killer, he is designated soul collector. Possibly the most undeniable way to tell that Death is not trying to kill is when he says “It kills me sometimes, how people die.” When Death says this it is clear that he is not trying to harm people and he is just as torn apart by death as many humans often are.
Another reason that Death is a crucial narrator is that his take on the world is emotional. World War II was an emotional time, and Death was a great narrator for the novel because dying was very

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