The Role Of Dreams In A Raisin In The Sun

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Having dreams is a part of having feelings, a part of being alive. It's something that everyone has whether it be to travel the world or to discover the Loch Ness monster. They all fall under the same category, one's goal or life's purpose. The characters displayed in “A raisin in the sun” by Lorraine Hansberry showed what life consisted of for African-Americans trying to achieve the American dream during the 1950s and 1960s. In the play, each member of the family has a dream they want to pursue, but despite their enthusiasm and persistence toward these dreams the problem of money still stands in their way. Suddenly they are greeted with the insurance money from their grandfather's death, 10,000 dollars in the family's possession but with a grandmother (Lena Younger) who wants to buy a house for the family, a son (Walter Younger) who wants to make and investment, a daughter (Beneatha Younger) who wants to become a doctor, and a grandson (Travis) who the family wants to get an education, 10,000 dollars isn't the type of money you can split among 4 people with big ambitions. Because of this and other factors such as discrimination and unplanned pregnancy among the family. Their dreams are hard to achieve and cause conflict in and out of the family.

The grandmother (Lena Younger) in “A raisin in the sun” cares deeply for her family even if her actions may cause few to believe otherwise. As any mother, she wants the best for her family and to lead them in

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