The Role Of Each Of The Following Iep Process Is A Valuable Resource For Special Education

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The role of each of the following in the IEP process is: SpEd teacher: a valuable resource for the Special Education aspects of the child’s education in regard to their needs and related services. Helps in strategizing the critical aspects of scheduling inclusion classes, special/elective classes. Additionally, they provide life skills teaching and coaching, coordinate related services, help determine the LRE. They ensure FAPE goals fit to the level of appropriateness for the child, help ensure modification and accommodations for classes are in place (collaboratively with other school personnel), ensure the curricula of the SpEd aspects for each student are being met. SpEd teachers also act as partner to the GenEd instructor as role models to others in regard to these direct students and working with their unique exceptionalities (Hallan, Kauffman, & Pullen, 2015). GenEd teacher: works collaboratively with the SpEd teacher(s) to provide appropriate levels of inclusion in the GenEd classes or electives. They help to ensure accommodations and modifications to instruction and materials are in place for the students; as well as, curricula are properly meeting the goals for the student in relation to each individual’s unique needs and level of appropriateness regarding the specific subjects being taught (thus upholding the LRE needs). They act as a role model for inclusion settings, with proper peer relations in their classrooms – encouraging positive, welcoming interaction

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