The Role Of His Father In Hamlet

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Throughout the story, Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, Shakespeare, it is pondered upon by many as to why Hamlet bided his time to avenge his father. His father had been murdered, and it was believed to be from a snake bite. When the ghost of his father visited him, Hamlet realized it was murder. It would be assumed that if any parent was slain and then asked their child for vengeance, they would swoop into action immediately, but Hamlet did not. Was it fear of the vile act of murder? Could it be that the ghost of his father was actually a demon in disguise? Freudian critics believe that Hamlet is deranged from the jealousy of his mother’s love for her new husband (Shakespeare, Masterplots, pg. 3). Hamlets hesitation could even stem from the wraith it might bring upon him from his kingdom and from God. Many believe that Hamlet’s hesitation was based on the possibility of the ghost being a deceitful demon, the method of innocent until proven guilty, or even that Hamlet did not want Claudius to die within Gods given graces. How does Hamlet know that the ghost of King Hamlet is not a demon posing as his father to spread mayhem and deception? Hamlet was an educated man, he had attended school in Wittenberg (pg. 2636). Hamlet had acquired the ability to assess situations and think upon them before acting. This resulted in Hamlet wavering to avenge his father. On the fourth visit of the kingly ghost, Hamlet spoke to this entity and was told that this ghost was Hamlets father, and

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