The Role Of Hysteria In The Crucible

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Hysteria: Blame it on the Innocents
Hysteria has played a big part in US history and is still present today. Fear and suspicions, two aspects of hysteria can lead people to act in a way that is not normal. In the drama Crucible, Abigail and other girls were caught dancing and and in fear of getting in trouble, they blame innocent people to take the blame. Suspicion and fear can lead to injustice and harm to the innocent because people are afraid so they point fingers.
Abigail Williams, the main character of the drama, Crucible, accused Elizabeth Proctor for committing witchcraft on her. I think Abigail accuses Elizabeth Proctor not only of fear but in hopes of separating Elizabeth and John Proctor apart. Based on the drama, Crucible, Abigail said that Elizabeth’s spirit visit her at night. She does this because it helps cover up her affair with John Proctor, that if Elizabeth was proven guilty and people found out about the affair, then people would not believe it because they would think Elizabeth would be making up lies. This shows that when a person’s name is about to be dirty, they tend to blame others so that they can keep the respect and the trust the community has given them. …show more content…

I think Mary accused John Proctor because she was scared that if she says the truth the other girls will hate her and maybe even hurt her. On the drama, Crucible, a scene shows the girls running towards the lake, Mary points at John Proctor and says that he has done witchcraft on her and he was controlling her all along. It provokes her to do this because too much fear was taking over her that she needed to blame someone else so that she wouldn't get in trouble. This goes to show that when fear is in play, people tend to fit in with the crowd so that others will not see them differently and won’t point fingers at

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