The Role Of Jealousy In Ray Bradbury's All Summer In A Day

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In the short story, All Summer in a Day, Ray Bradbury presents how jealousy can be controlling and shows readers what repercussions can arise if one acts on their envy. A little girl named Margot is living on the planet Venus with a small civilization, and there is no sun. The children mostly came to Venus at age two, whereas Margot came when she was four. So she can remember the sun. For this, they are very jealous of her. Margot shares her memories and the kids are upset they won’t ever feel what she felt. Therefore, one thing leads to another and their jealousy controls them. This causes them to do stuff that one would probably never do if it weren’t for the green-eyed monster. Their actions would soon teach them how can harm others and, inadvertently, themselves. …show more content…

If bullying someone is a side effect of jealousy, then the children are severely envious of Margot. She can remember the sun and how you feel waking up on a bright sunny day. In her dreams she can almost feel the warmth on her skin, a burn caused by the bright rays shining down upon Earth. They are probably lovely kids, but they are so consumed by their envy that they turn into bullies. It’s one thing to call her a liar when she talks about the sun. But they also push her when she doesn’t speak. The worst of all is when the kids shove her into a closet right before the sun comes out, and she doesn’t get a chance to see it. She would have to wait another seven years to see it again. Their mockery and quarrels turn into a life altering mistake. None of these events would have occurred if it weren’t for their extreme

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