The Role Of Models And Their Effect On Life Choices

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ICR #5 Within society, most individuals have a significant person who has touched their lives in an unforgettable manner. Another term for this certain someone would be a role model. In many cases role models are siblings, legal guardians or parents and often that person plays a role in shaping a child’s mind at a young age when they are very impressionable. Role models have the power to persuade or impact a person’s life and affect their decision-making. Small or large, this is powerful input to have. Unfortunately for Cherry, growing up living with only his mother as his role model had a negative effect on his life choices. Children tend to conform to everything their parents say or do. In most cases, they live by the rules and morals passed on to them by their parents. When parents demonstrate behavior that is destructive or live in a manner society would deem inappropriate, that is the behavior often a child will model. Often, children grow up to be like their role models, no matter if the outcome is positive or negative. In some cases, children who grow up in a single parent household live a very different and more difficult life than children raised in a two parent household where both parents are happily married. Single parents may be absent in their child’s life because they have the burden of being the sole provider for their children. In Cherry’s case, his mother is a prostitute whose priorities aren’t in order. She is absent because she chooses to be and not

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