The Role Of Suffering In Fever 1793

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In Fever, 1793, people can suffer in so many ways: physically, yes, but also emotionally. But, while pain and suffering are supremely terrible, the people in Fever 1793 must cope with this terrible disease that brings death, loss, and even theft. According to Fever 1793 page 33 “I miss her. I didn’t even get to say good-bye.” Mattie was talking about Polly, one of her best friends who was killed by the Fever. Polly’s death was very sudden, therefore it caused many citizens to worry about the fever. On page 71 in Fever 1793 “Rowley, the imposter. Autumnal fever indeed. Your mother has yellow fever. There’s no doubt at all.” When Mattie found out that her mother had yellow fever, this shocked her at first, causing her to have mental suffering.
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