The Role Of The Amendments And The Bill Of Rights

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Criminal Procedure Policy As the founding fathers of the United States began to build the governmental system of the new country they developed new procedures, and used established procedures they were familiar with from the United Kingdom. The Constitution and the Amendments are the basis for the criminal system in this country and the procedures for the courts and the law enforcement community. In this essay, the role of the amendments and the Bill of Rights will be examined as they relate to the court system and the criminal justice system as a whole. One of the significant amendments in criminal policy is the Fourth Amendment. The documents notable components are; the right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures, and specific requirements to guide in warrant application. The policy requires that the warrants be supported by probable cause, it must be issued by a magistrate or judge, and specific as to what is to be searched and seized (Worrall, 2012). Under the Fourth Amendment the primary concern for police is securing a warrant to prevent unreasonable search and seizure. The police are required to have probable cause before petitioning for a search warrant. They must also provide detailed information about where they are searching including an address for the search (Worrall, 2012). They must also consider out buildings and vehicles that are owned by the suspect (Worrall, 2012). Another concern is detailed information about what is to be searched and

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