The Role Of The Gods In Oedipus The King By Sophocles

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Does anyone like being told what to do, where they need to be, or how they are to live their life? Of course not, no one likes to have his or her life micromanaged for them. In the world-renowned Ancient Greek tragedy, Oedipus the King, by the famous playwright Sophocles, that is exactly what the gods do by controlling all aspects of the Thebans’ lives. The gods in this Ancient Greek tragedy are tyrants in that they determine one’s fate with no terrestrial hope of changing it and command the Thebans to find the killer of Laius or face a crippling plague.
One of the main themes of this Greek tragedy is that no one can change his or her fate that has been predetermined by the gods. One example of this is when Teiresias is …show more content…

Unfortunately, to her disbelief, she is just perpetuating the problem. Jocasta believes that she can take the world into her own hands and prevent the awful tragedy that is her son killing her husband, King Laius, as well as sleeping with and bearing children with her murderous son. To prevent that awful occurrence from happening, she and King Laius bind the child up when he is just three days old and leave him to die on the side of a mountain so there is absolutely no chance of the prophecy being completed; however, she is greatly mistaken. She says feeling confident in her preventative measures, “...So in this case Apollo’s purpose failed…so much for oracles that map our future…” (Sophocles 29). Jocasta believes at that point in the selection that she has thwarted the prophecy of the gods. However, she later realizes that even though she takes precautionary measures to prevent that occurrence from ever happening, she is not greater than the gods. This is purely another example of the gods being sovereign rulers of the people of Thebes. In addition, the gods make sure the prophecy comes true and Oedipus commits the awful acts that he is destined to perform. Because of this, the gods remain victorious and in complete power over her life, her son’s, and the events that occur within

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