A Small Nips And The Bloody Chamber

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Luce Irigaray in “Women on the Market,” put forth the theory that “our own culture, is based upon the exchange of women” and that women are relegated to three social roles. Those roles are “mother, virgin, prostitute” (807,8). She then states that the “enigmatic character of women” comes from “the form of the needs /desires of man” (806). We are mother or prostitute determinate on man’s need. She also argued that man’s libido is “another name for the abstraction of energy in a productive power” (806). Men use their libido to control nature. She then argues that “another name for the subordination of the specific qualities of bodies to a neutral power that aims above all to transform them, to possess them” (806). Men transform women to his need, hence the role of mother or prostitute, and thus possess them. In Frida Kahlo’s painting, A Few Small Nips and in Angela Carter’s shorty story The Bloody Chamber, both share the theme of death as transformation for man to possess the main characters.
In Frida Kahlo’s painting, A Few Small Nips, a woman lies mostly naked on white sheets. She has on one high-heeled shoe, and a rumpled sock. She has been sliced and poked by the knife that the man standing above her is holding. The sheets are covered in blood, her body is covered in blood, and the floor is covered in the blood. The woman is clearly dead, and the man standing above her is relaxed, pleased, with his left hand resting comfortably in his pocket. The expression on the man’s

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